I was an executive assistant for large corporations, and wore many hats. Planning corporate events, national / international travel arrangements, managed all aspects of day-to-day office operations, assist executives in organization, errands, all around time management. In addition, successfully remodeled and interior design homes.

Client preferences

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why service

I started "Service With Love" to offer clients unique customized services. Having been faced with lack of time taking care of family "Service With Love" was a unique service I felt passionate about. Whether it be a dedicated helping hand for independent living, personal errands, grocery shopping, events, dinner reservations, travel arrangements, organizing your home, contractors point of contact, or private & vacation home preparation. etc. 


Service With Love

Hi There, I'm Mimi Love, and my goal with "Service With Love" is to efficiently get things done so that you will have a quality lifestyle.

Your Personal Assistant & Concierge Service

As a client of "Service With Love", you will see we learn your likes, dislikes, preferences, and personal details: birthdays, anniversaries, favorite foods and more. We take care of your business before it needs to be done, so you don't have to.

Dry-cleaning will be in your closet, your car will be detailed & serviced, your kitchen re-stocked, and Doctor's appointments made. We do the leg work with perfection.